Wednesday, November 26, 2014

#304 - Happy 1st Anniversay, My love! By: N


Happy 1st Anniversary, My love!




Well the Thanksgiving season has a special meaning to me this year because its also my 1 year anniversary since my move to the Bay area.  This move was special and this year has been blissful, difficult and amazing.  It had its ups and downs.  There is something to be said of a relationship thats formed where there is an amazing connection, happy highs and scary lows that allows you to really form a bond.  And its safe to say that I feel a bond with the Bay area :)  I’m probably not the first East coaster to say this but I think I’ve always strived to be a Californian but now I’m just doing it IN California.  I’ve appreciated the California mentality.  Now I don’t understand and never will understand some things (hipsters?)!  But the chill attitude along with a strong ambition is MY type!  Let me tell ya!   

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